Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still the big freeze

Yesterday was sooo cold, never got out of the minus scale and with a light covering of snow it was 'school's out' for Lydia, on the plus side I got some *extra* help on the yard.

I had intended not schooling but the tracks were frozen solid so a hill trot session was out and the indoor school was still frozen so it was back in the barn. Don't get me wrong, I realise I'm lucky to have anywhere to work.

Chapiro had his usual tie up and groom and stays nice and still for this now, followed by bit on headpiece, which he now takes nicely. Did some circling work, ground tying and backing up which he concentrated well in. At the moment I'm actually just happy that he leaves the others and can concentrate on me for 10 minutes.

On to Moralejo, the frustrating thing is that he quite obviously wants to please, he offers too much of everything but his intentions are generally good. We started with the mounting which was pretty good since the biting wind was rattling every door on the yard. Went on to ride and he tried so hard to *contain* himself. After mounting I asked him to stand still for a couple of minutes, oh boy is that hard for him, head up and down, then a tail swish, move one back leg then another, yank on the reins and then....with much soothing voice he stood stock still and started to sigh. Is it so hard to stand still? Well obviously for him it is. Fidge used to stand still for ever (well until the canter work) if I asked but why is it so hard for Moo; even in the field he is a horse who can't chill, better in summer of course.

So my work for the next few weeks will continue in the same calming vein, lots of standing still, helping him find his balance etc. and I can't wait for the *thaw* because I think walking up and down our steep hill will be really helpful.

So yesterday was another good day, he can now cope with counter shoulder-in all the way round the barn, change to travers and true shoulder-in without loosing his balance. Tried a half pass for a few meters and then into a small circle when I hit the wall (not literally of course) and you get an amazing control of the shoulders. Maybe this cold snap was sent to me to make these discoveries...I'm a great believer in fate.

I was watching some Ferdi Eilberg clinics on Hand C the other night and there was some nice work but I kept thinking how *dull* it looked, there's been a lot of online discussion about Oliveira's work and for me that is anything but dull, however, many people find it just too *busy*. I suppose Moo is just going to be a *busy* kind of horse but the joy in riding it, I hope, will show on our faces.

I want to look out some 'pics that will inspire us on our way, put it on the list, yet another job!!


Claire said...

is hand c a french/european channel?

bet lydia didn't object to the day st home. she's looking well, as well!

trudi said...

Claire, it's Horse and Country on UK sat, free to view on channel 280.