Thursday, January 8, 2009

I got icicles on me icicles

Next door's donk in the cold this morning.

Yesterday I was determined not to ride in the barn but the ground was solid and the temperature never got above -4 so I did some in-hand work instead, just to give us a break. Moo was a really good boy, worked at liberty and in the cavesson. He really seems to concentrate well on this work and will now work free on a circle, change rein etc. In-hand we worked on the giravolta, shoulder-in, counter s-in and leg yield and I was pretty pleased with the quality he offered...he's much more up off his shoulders now.

Finished by working on his spanish walk, now moving it on after the jambette so it's raise leg, walk two, raise leg (same leg each time) walk two and it's helping him get a better height with his foreleg. Finished in the centre with jambette but he still struggles not to stamp his foot, slowly slowly I think and lots of patience needed on my part.

Today I rode again in the barn as it is bl**dy freezing, every day I think it can't get colder but it does. Good mounting but full of the *jiggles* just like riding a coiled spring. However, he did settle enough for me to work out a way to help him from curling back on his left rein!! Just ride him a little into the outside rein, not outside bend, more straight but not inside bend either. Then I could keep a light inside rein but be ready to raise it if he dropped back behind me. Can't wait to try this in the trot work.

Just warming up now with coffee and sandwich before braving the elements again to do the yard.


Claire said...

didn't trish (shoveltrash) have that curling thing with Zeus? i'm fairly sure she did and had some thoughts on sorting it

just shows all our preconceptions about your area (weatherwise) are just that, preconceptions with no foundation in reality!

i can't get that channel, don't have satellite...

Claire said...

i've jsut told allison the temperature at yours - she said "the dogs won't like it" and was suitably stunned...

and snow in marseilles? !!!!

epona said...

WOW! Im struggling to keep up with you lol!! All sounds so interesting over there (although cold!)

trudi said...

It has at least warmed up a touch today but en route to Perigueux this morning it was -9, brrr. It has climbed to +3 at 13h00 and I have things crossed that I may get a defrosted school by 16h30. Tell Allison that the dogs camp by the log burner in this weather, they're not daft!!
Thanks for the trish tip, have to search it out on EE.

Vicky, did I get it wrong but I thought you had a lesson with Mike last weekend but I haven't seen a write up yet?

epona said...

I have just updated the blog! Took me a while to find the words - and then I nicked Mikes anyway lol!!!