Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunshine after the rain

Lovely sunny morning so all out, heads down and happy. Got to lunge (my school has stood up brilliantly in the weather, no damp patches anywhere I'm really pleased) and after a week of restricted turn out and no trot work we were a little full of juice, lol. Moralejo did relax eventually and I was happy to let him have a good stretch down in a nice regular rhythm. Roll on some sustained good weather so that we can do more.


epona said...

GOSH!!! lots to catch up on!! Lovely piccies and great news about Lydia :-) Send me some sunshine please!! It was a bad week for rain last week = limited turnout = silly horses lol!!!

Di said...

Trudi, would you mind emailing me with some info about sand, gravel etc for a school. Jim says we can start as soon as the weather is better. Yay!!

Also, what's the stuff called that you have instead of rails, great idea!!


Claire said...

family tree day yesterday then?

glad your arena is proving itself (shame it had to have the opportunity, though!). swop you? ours has a couple of bogs.....