Saturday, January 17, 2009

The trot IS there

Just a brief write up from our work for the last two days. Yesterday we lunged, trot/canter transitions and it stayed fairly calm and he stretched down and out better than before. Today I rode...some great progress with the lateral work much calmer and more restrained but with the energy just sitting there ready. I had promised myself NO TROT, it just isn't worth setting yourself up for failure. However, it just felt right and that's what training is about, recognising an opportunity. Much less stressed and even managed to get a stretch down and out into the rein...yee ha!! Finished with some transitions from walk to halt and varying the walk from medium to free on a long rein....I just love the Moo at the moment, hope it can last.


Claire said...

yay! if the horse offers, take! (at least you would recognise it a d*** sight quicker than I did, LOL)

Di said...

Good going!! It seems like your patience is paying off. This blog is such a good idea, I've taken your advice and started one, just so that I can keep an account of my progress with Anky.