Monday, January 19, 2009

Lipstick and Legs

Ha!!! No I'm not going back to trolley dolly'ing....quelle horreur.
Rain stopped play again, the heaviest downpour when I was riding in the barn so it was back to flexions. Bingo!! At last we got LIPSTICK, not dripping but distinct line of light foam on the lips after the flexions and no arguments he absolutely *got it*. After working in hand and more flexions I got on and he felt great; raised back really carrying me and the ridden lateral work was good. It was still tipping it down as we finished so not even a tootle up the lane.
Oh and the legs, not mine but Lydia's. After failing to vault onto Cacahuète yesterday she made a sterling effort today and has finally worked out how to fling herself upon her steed....what a lovely man that pone is.


Claire said...

i've never been able to vault onto anything, let alone a pony .....not even a gym horse! so well done Lydia, I'm always impressed when anyone can do that trick!

Di said...

Mmmm, those were the days, when I could collect my horse from the field, jump on to his back and canter back to the gate, bareback, with just a headcollar and lead-rope.....