Friday, January 9, 2009

our green credentials

A little *aside* tonight in the form of our *poo* bricks. That's not actually *our* poo bricks but rather horse poo bricks!! Following a forum tip off we purchased the brick press and made our first bricks just before Christmas. After a spell drying out the first batch are currently burning well on the log burner.
On the horse front (rather than t'other end that is) it finally warmed up today, minus something awful this morning but up to about +6 this afternoon, yeehahahah!! So worked Moo on the lunge in the ménage which had thawed well. Warmed up in walk and changing rein every circle and then worked on some trot/canter transitions. Very definitely better on the left rein but after lots of transitions and spiralling in and out he 'released' on the right rein too. Not so full of beans as the other day but that was good because after about ten minutes work I could actually ask him to work forwards instead of constantly having to slow it all down. Lots of lovely stretching down in the final trot work and then finished with some giravolta and leg yield in hand.
Off to drink wine and watch the bricks burn, cheers.


Claire said...

so i'm back to being jealous of the heat in your part of the world, LOL! a lot easier in a decent sized working area, no matter how useful your barn is!

Claire said...

a thought - does he rush more in the barn than the arena?

Di said...


Our brick maker arrived today!!

So, tomorrow.........
Oh I wish I had a barn and a menage, or a barn, or a menage.....

Hope to see you soon.


trudi said...

Yes, dead right Claire, although I love the focus that working in a small area brings, not to mention the fact that the corners come quickly!!He rushes wherever though.

Great weather for starting the poo bricks Di!! Get your mix nice and wet and well mixed.
Yes come over soon, please :-)