Thursday, January 22, 2009

Divine Intervention

I woke before five this morning, nothing new; to the sound of rain.....nothing new there either. It seems that we are stuck in this weather system for even longer than I first thought and usually I can rise above the grey but this morning I thought it was all too much. Still, got the boys out for a few hours, mucked out and got the yard tidy.
Same old, same old in the barn except that after a decidedly average session yesterday it was as if Moralejo had been thinking hard about how it all fitted together. We spent an hour in total starting with flexions and bit work and the on to in-hand work. Finally got on and did lots of lateral work which made him so light and flexible, just brilliant. He still struggles with the renvers a little but it's much improved. Worked on shoulder-in on the circle spiralling in gradually and the same with the travers. Every time he tries to jerk the rein forward I just halt with the high hand into the corner of the lips and then rein back using the hand, incredibly he was jerking my hand much less in the end and so I really feel it's working. I hope to be able to video as soon as the weather improves and then I can compare it to one I took in October where he was really bad in the hand.
So, call it divine intervention with this rain making me slow down but it seems to be just what we need right now.


Di said...

Bloody hell, 5am. That's impressive!!
Glad it's all coming together. I really want the rain to stop though!!

Claire said...

the joys of being able to work indoors -as you know, you are really lucky having that barn!

need to get molly to grasp sideways - partly me and partly her, we can't get it!