Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can see for miles and miles

Today was just such a delightful day, especially for January and I had great expectations. A period in the school and then off down the track for a wander. Never have too great expectations would be my advice but look for the little things that may offer themselves; there are no such things as non-learning days. Was it Beudant that said *Ask for much, be content with little, and reward often* ? Well today was a Beudant day, lol

So, into the school, so far so good. Preparation work and then get on, he's very tense and not in a Moralejo way, more spooky and nervous which is not really him.

Took me a good half an hour in walk to slow it all down and relax him, although he did settle it was still not quite right. Lots of lateral work and halt, rein back. Then I worked on something new for Moo, reverse/counter shoulder-in on the long side, just before the corner ride into a reverse turn about the haunches (effectively a leg yield around a small circle). Then changing direction and moving into a reverse pirouette, moving away from the opposite leg (like a moving turn on the forehand with counter bend). Wow, I could feel all four legs and it was incredible. I shall do lots more of these patterns I think and may need to find some way of *mapping* them on paper so I don't forget them.

Just about to finish and he shot up his own backside and I seemed to be sitting on a horse about a metre long!! Finally the reason, Thierry my farmer neighbour was running round the fields on his four track checking his fences and I hadn't spotted him...of course Moo had, decided to leave the pootle down the track for a more chilled day. The problems of living somewhere with literally zero passing traffic, just cows and farmers and being able to see for miles and miles and...

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Claire said...

got to watch out for those off road quad's, you know!

but he did well holding it together when he'd spotted that unusual beast!