Saturday, January 31, 2009


Me, not the pone. Last night it was stiff (oh the back before you jump to conclusions) and this morning I couldn't move. This depresses me as ten years ago I had a discectomy and have coped well with a *fixed* lower back since but the worst thing the surgeon said was that the discs above and below were a bit ropey but did not require surgical intervention at that time. So every time my lower back seizes up I have this terminal fear that it's another disc. OK, so being a flatliner I quickly got that idea outta ma head and started the hot water bottle and ibuprofene treatment...feel much better tonight and had help from Lydia with the mucking out and even managed to lunge Moo, what a star he was.

Also broke my camera, boo hoo, Patrick may be able to save it but I don't think so. Guess I'll be buying a new one.

Gorgeous, glad to be alive day today and Lydia had a great *balade* (hack) at the riding club.


Di said...

I hope you feel better soon, Trudi. If you need any help just ask, it would be no problem!
We had a great "balade" today, too. What a great word.
Di x

Claire said...

ohh dear! recommend a back support as well. and for the camera, i recommend eBay! some good deals to be had...