and so begins my journey towards bitless… I’m too old to be changing, why would I want to learn new things now, at this stage in my life? Well the truth is, of course, that we all change, develop throughout our lives and so it makes scarcely a difference that I am 47 years old, more it’s my capacity to absorb the new knowledge that matters. In some way I hope that writing my thoughts down will lead me to a more concrete belief system rather than just hoping for the best with bitless. After all, I’ve read so many books on the methods of bitted dressage that I am in serious catch up mode where bitless is concerned.
In the best tradition I will endeavour to give some structure to my writing; beginning, middle and end and so forth. Forgive me, however, if at times my enthusiasm gets out of sync with my typing.

Unravel the spaghetti

First Bit

The raw Material

Meat for Di

Classical trainer sacked for not using a bit

next steps

The grown up stuff

Let's put this to bed
the End