Wednesday, December 29, 2010

on board

Today was warm and I couldn't resist a little sit on after a lunge. It felt so nice to be back on board and he was pretty chilled, finished with a short trot (a bit rushed ).

To work on...strengthen with some more lunge/in hand and light ridden work so that I can push the nose out a bit in the stretching down work. Promise I won't be boring with vids every time  it's just good to capture this new beginning.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moralejo works too

Now for Moo's turn  Cheesy
I was more than slightly worried about turning him out for a few months with no work, no massage or general pampering  laugh well I needn't have worried as I don't think it's done him any harm at all. He hasn't really lost much weight (in spite of the lack of growing grass and just a small hay/lucerne nut ration) but his gut is less erm beer belly and more recently given birth belly whistle so not too awful.

He is a 'square' type, more baroque than elegant and has a bit of a dippy back and is slightly croup high. He is less wonky than he was last year and today after doing his stretches I felt he was really a lot more even than this time last year  thumbs

All we want for Moo is too keep him as fit and well as possible, join that big @rse to his front end and so build a decent back....anything else will be a bonus.

Here he was yesterday, titles say it all. Oh and sound still on as I had a COMPLAINT about the music  laugh well it was pretty dire; how do you get decent music to put on youtube vids??

At last some 'horse' to talk

Yesterday went from good to better  Cheesy the boys came onto the yard in the afternoon and were de-rugged (pone isn't rugged), it wasn't a  Shocked more a  wub in Chapsi's case and Moo, well let's say he's lost a few kilos but not necessarily in the right places  rolleyes.
They all had a good groom and Lydia took Cacahuète in the school for some liberty and in-hand play whilst I tried to ignore my two who were bleating after him, a little herd bound after a few months of being inseparable  rolleyes Anyway I did some anti mugging CT stuff just to get started and some head down and neck massage.

I'm not sure who slept in their beds overnight but it sure as heck wasn't them  laugh it hardly looked like they'd moved which will probably be the last time they look like that. I put them out in the dark  Shocked which I'm sure they appreciated (I certainly liked being up at 6.30, not) so they got plenty of time out and came in around 3ish to work.
They all worked really well for their first time in a while and the herd seemed a little more chilled when each one went down to the school  thumbs OH took stills yesterday to do a conformation pull apart but he hasn't 'produced' them yet  rolleyes so that can wait for another day. This is a  'snap' I took while Lydia lunged today (no we don't usually lunge in bridle it was a slight mis-communication on my part).

I haven't uploaded the vid of Moo but here's Chapsi. We worked for about 15 mins after a few minutes mat work (I couldn't believe how well he remembered it) we did a little in-hand, moving shoulders and haunches and some gentle lunging. Loads to work
on but no horrid surprises either. The plan is to work him lightly a few times a week until he builds up his back (and his thighs which are weedy) and work on some hock flexing via reinback and hill work. I won't be on board again until spring I don't imagine, could be me but he seems a little bum high (could the midget be growing again??). Anyway it's nothing special just where we are on day 1.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishing all of my friends a very Happy Christmas. I shall be starting back to blogging during the holidays and will be 'refreshing' lionhearthorses or maybe even starting anew! My boys will be wending their way into the yard after christmas, to start back to work and I shall be blogging purely on the joys of is after all the 'thing' that gets me going.