Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moralejo works too

Now for Moo's turn  Cheesy
I was more than slightly worried about turning him out for a few months with no work, no massage or general pampering  laugh well I needn't have worried as I don't think it's done him any harm at all. He hasn't really lost much weight (in spite of the lack of growing grass and just a small hay/lucerne nut ration) but his gut is less erm beer belly and more recently given birth belly whistle so not too awful.

He is a 'square' type, more baroque than elegant and has a bit of a dippy back and is slightly croup high. He is less wonky than he was last year and today after doing his stretches I felt he was really a lot more even than this time last year  thumbs

All we want for Moo is too keep him as fit and well as possible, join that big @rse to his front end and so build a decent back....anything else will be a bonus.

Here he was yesterday, titles say it all. Oh and sound still on as I had a COMPLAINT about the music  laugh well it was pretty dire; how do you get decent music to put on youtube vids??


allhorsestuff said...

Great work!
Moo is so much like Mr. Mustang Cazi that I ride. Aside from color, they after the same build!

trudi said...

Thanks KC, Mustang Cazi sounds good, what colour is he?