Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Day

Pics of Lydia and the boys on the yard, kissing, cuddling and generally making the best of a wet evening.

Give us a kiss love.

More rain and a day out playing with other folks horses so it was in-hand in the barn for Moo and Chapiro before heading off to the Charente.
Moralejo's in-hand work has come on so much and he now leg yields with ease along with shoulder-in, reverse shoulder-in and giravolta. He was very relaxed again with the bit work and on the whole seems very settled in his work.
Chapiro worked on going away from me on to a circle for a few strides, halting away from me and being rubbed all over with the whip. He was a good boy and is being a complete darling leading down to the field especially as they are only going out mornings at the moment (I have grass and no mud and would prefer it stays that way during this horrid weather).
I worked with Estelle and her lovely Danish stallion, who has come on such a long way since he's been having regular work and has a fabulous temperament too. Plus a very greenie TB of 4 years who had the sweetest nature but bends like a plank....however she picked up the work really well and I hope we'll be able to take it further in the future.

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Claire said...

lydia's a hoot!

and that stallion is rather unusual!