Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday, being Wednesday, was the usual rush. No school here on Wednesday and so we usually try to fit in riding the pone, library trip etc. All going to plan until we have to go into town for building supplies (yes, like most brit expats we ARE renovating) and was pleased that I had the foresight to lunge Moo first thing. He's really responsive now and even manages the downwards transitions from a vibrate on the cavesson with a voice aid to help.
Off to judo where Lydia received her yellow belt, dead chuffed for her and it really helps her sleeping on a wednesday they whack them out at judo, lol.
No connection last night, every time I got on line it timed me straight out, server I think but then despite my technical background I'm no boffin on these matters.
Today it was gorgeous again, put out early and then off to Perigueux to get the new windows. By the time we got back, picked up from school etc it was 5.00pm....just enough time for a lunge. Which was actually really good because I was discussing straightness/strong/hollow in the car with Patrick and it was interesting in my newly levelled school to see how straight he was.
So on the left rein he throws the 1/4's in by about 5cm (hollow side) and on the stiff (right rein) he loads the inside shoulder by a similar amount. Interestingly after some spirals, walk/trot/canter transitions the *throw* was much less, down to about 1cm or so. Just shows how much the lunging stretches/loosens them.
Really wanted to ride but I promised myself I will only ride when I have proper time.

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it's always interesting watching the patterns made on the've got a new follower!