Saturday, January 3, 2009

on, off, on, off.......

OMG it was even colder today. I waited until 3.00pm but the school was still frozen in parts so it was just walk work. I spent most of the time sorting out mounting. When I bought Moo he was a pain to do most things and mounting was no exception; it took me a few weeks to get him to stand near a mounting block and to be honest I never really finished the job.
He tends to get excited at most things and so I've always been content that he stands stillish and as I don't need to use a mounting block I have let him get away with wandering off as I through my leg over. Today seemed the perfect day to start his remedial work. Hooray for CT!! Hand on reins, stand still click/move no click; foot in stirrup, stand still click/move no click and finally swing leg lots of clicks and treats and then about 10 mounts/dismounts while he stood still in an icy school with the wind up his bum, what a good boy. Hope he remembers tomorrow.

Worked the midget in the barn, leading, halting, walking on, backing up etc...stood really still tied up on the yard for his groom, perhaps he's *getting* it at last.


Claire said...

hope he does remember! it's a complete pain isn't it when they won't stand!

Midget... tee hee... i bet he's not so much now!

trudi said...

I measured him at Chritmas Claire and he has reached the dizzy height of 14.2'', so if he makes 15hh I'll be happy.