Monday, March 2, 2009

teenage thug

3 year old horse= teenage boy, or so it seems. Could have cheerfully strangled Chapiro yesterday, he was on one and chased the pone mercilessly until I managed to catch him (he was flat out bronco so not easy). This morning I worked him a little in the barn before turnout and he was fine all day; worked him again this evening in the school and he was a little star. I've had a few sessions keeping him *outa my space* (for me the MOST important lesson) and sending him away from me in either direction with a hand aid and tonight we linked it all up to going away from me onto a circle, in walk. He circled both ways on the lunge and so we stopped there and went for a quick walk in the field before dinner. Good day really.

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Claire said...

terrible teens....looking forward to seeing him