Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Persisted it down today, oh well, can't really complain because we've had a run of lovely weather. It was a shock though, when I rolled out of bed at just past six to feed, to find I needed hat and rain coat.
Being Wednesday, Lydia was at home and so the pone got a bareback workout *rolls eyes heavenwards* and seems to have come to some agreement regarding rein back, lol.
Moralejo worked really nicely in-hand but I'm having to be imaginative to get him to work his near hind and really step over in the lateral work but it is slowly improving. Did a little more trot in-hand and it just goes to show that even if an aid is well known (on the lunge I use the verbal *trot* plus a lift of the end of the whip) if it's applied in the wrong context then it might still be misunderstood. He looks at me as if to say *what me trot whilst you just creep along in walk, you're 'avin a laugh* but he did *get* it and so we clicked and finished.
Chapiro continued to be good on the lunge and we worked on some *free* work which he really seems to enjoy.
Hope it's fine tomorrow.


Di said...

like the background, really attractive.

Claire said...

rein back. i need to try that again