Saturday, March 14, 2009

Modest, humble, opinionated

Hehehe, I'm on one!! At the moment the brain is a tad quicker than the one-fingered typing (mother, why didn't you send me off to touch typing classes??)

Someone was buzzing in my ear this morning, chap on the TV droning on about how BBC journalists shouldn't have blogs because, by their nature, blogs are opinionated. In fairness I have to agree, whilst I have opened mine to all and sundry, the likelihood of any great exchange of opinions is minimal.

This got me thinking of the great equestrian authors we all admire. So many of them talk of humility, modesty, respect etc but in reality the whole concept of writing a book about training horses pretty much says, I know how, I have an opinion, I am better. Doesn't it?

What about those great guys (lets face it girls, the old guys were always *guys*) who never wrote a book, were they truly humble, self effacing? Or did fate just never put them in the right place to write a book?

This morning I was chatting to Lydia's riding instructor and she very kindly offered to assess me for my galop 7 (as a requirement to compete at affiliated competitions in France you have to pass a test, eg Lydia has her galop 1 and some unaffiliated comps require a galop 2-5 depending on age) so I spent the 20 minute journey home thinking where I could buy some decent white jods and long boots and planning my return to the competitive scene. Whoa girl, back down to earth!!

The question is though, why did I get so moved at the thought of, once more, donning those threads? The answer, I feel, is close to the reason the *old guys* (and the new guys too) wrote their books.....recognition, fame, immortality.

So how do those of us with little true ambition in the field of book writing or competition get ourselves out of bed and get on with the day? I suppose it is just the great pleasure and joy that these incredible animals so generously and unselfishly give us. So perhaps too that is the overwhelming reason that the old guys wrote their theories down but then again, we'll never know.
Pics of Lydia at her club session this morning.


Di said...

Is that Lydia heading for the beer tent? Trudi, what have you been teaching her?

Seriously, you've read my blog, we get out of bed for the pure joy of it!! LOL

Lovely pics.

Claire said...

"The question is though, why did I get so moved at the thought of, once more, donning those threads?"

also, i imagine, to get some outside feedback on your training of your horses. you know it's ok, but we all need to compare and contrast ....

even if only to get a comparison with yourself, so to speak.... one week a 60%, next week a 65% and so on....