Monday, March 30, 2009

a game of two halves

That's the nature of the game though, isn't it, the yin and the yang? I had great hopes this morning and sometimes that can be one's immediate downfall. To be honest it wasn't immediate because he worked beautifully in hand and stood on totally looped reins whilst I mounted (this is something new and I'm pleased with the progression) and even worked well in the walk and the trot warm up. However, as soon as we were warm enough to start some *proper* trot work we went into yeehah, let's canter mode. Well lucky for me I am pretty patient and so I just had a laugh at him and slowed (rather I tried to) the trot with my seat and worked on changes of rein, a little leg yield etc and tried to connect us in the trot. I was getting quite fed up and to the point where even my infinite patience was about to dissolve and so I realised we needed action. So I kicked my ass (metaphorically of course) and continued. We had a break for stretching and then more trot, serpentines, loops, voltes etc and finally he came to me, expressive and working over his back. He was just a tad heavy into my hand but no curling back and generally quite acceptable.
One thing I noticed is the amount of movement he now has in his back, I am now using some sitting trot to help me connect to the hind legs a little more and don't believe a word when they say Iberians are easy to sit because they have little movement in their back....that is certainly not the case with Moo!


Di said...

He's had a taste of the canter now Trudi, he wants more!!

Yes, they do try your patience......high hopes, hmmm

trudi said...

I reckon so Di but the trot has to improve first before I tackle the wall of death canter, lol