Sunday, March 22, 2009


Me, very mad arggh.
My neighbour who would appear to have no sound horse knowledge (bought a saddle in Bogota and then had to buy a horse to go with it) moved lone horse in yesterday. Aside from stressing mine out (they'll get over it) the poor bugger ran around his field all evening, all night and yes all morning. They live about 12km away and it's a second home, yes I know bizare, so they didn't turn up until 2.00pm this afternoon, by which time he is hopping lame.
10 minutes after they arrive he's tacked up and coming past our gate. Hey I say, did you notice he's hopping lame, no says the son as he dismounts and we have a feel of the legs. The poor horse (ex race, galopeur) has the most horrific feet, overgrown and splitting and it looks pretty obvious that he's done his tendon. The son can't feel the huge swelling but he did notice when pointed out that he was resting his front toe to give his tendon some relief. I recommended rest (they have no stables) and the vet but I doubt they will. I just wish I couldn't see him across the fence, we've christened him Fugly for obvious reasons but he seems a sweetie.
Sorry to moan, wanted to say lots about aids tonight but unless the steam flow from my ears dies down it may have to wait.
Spare a thought for Fugly tonight please.


Di said...

Oh God!! That really pisses me off too! How stupid and thoughtless! What's the betting that it gets no attention whatsoever from the vet!!! (It's a wonderful thing, the exclamation mark!!!!!)

trudi said...

Well Di, I popped round as soon as I saw them arrive today.Seems the poor thing had an injury in the same place and was retired from the track, allegedly, 4 months ago. However, his feet are probably at least a year overgrown and his condition is very poor so I don't believe a word of it. I gave them the details of our vet who is super but about 2 hours later the previous owner turned up and poor love is still stuck there with a well blown tendon and obviously quite uncomfortable.
I'll give them a couple of days grace but then I'm going to have to speak to Equine Rescue France although I'm not sure what they can do.
Sod passing exams to compete, I think you should have to pass a test to simply own a horse.

Claire said...

honestly, some people! I think you could be right that there may be something to be said for passing an exam! i don't think I'd give them the couple of days....

and as for the previous owner... what can one say, if h/she let his feet get like that?

is that in the field down the hill where the donkey was/is?