Friday, March 13, 2009


Just what today turned out to be. To start with the weather was fabulous, 20° this afternoon and perfectly spring like. Moralejo has been stuck on a plateau for a week or more, still consolidating the walk work and trying to make some sense of the trot, arrgghh but today we got ourselves on the next step of the very steep flight we're on.
For the first time since he's been back in work we stayed in trot for over 10 minutes!! Usually he just gets more and more stressed and eventually we have to walk to get back to some balance but today we broke the barrier, YAY.
We worked on some reverse shoulder-in, shoulder-in, leg yield and shortening/lengthening within the trot and he just got on with it. We even had a stretchy trot like we get on the lunge and he was really working his back. OK, he was probably a teensy bit curled back but honestly this is the first time I've managed to *move* him in the trot and get a good response so I'll take what I get for now. Yesterday we had a lovely play up the hills, trotting up and walking down and saying a hearty *bonjour* to the villagers in their potagers planting up their perfect rows of veggies....the joy of spring.
Oh and almost forgot, I had a lovely time working with Estelle and Tosca, he really is a super little horse. Also found time to get to the nursery and buy a number of shrubs for the garden, so next week I'll be busy again!!


Claire said...

you're not allowed to brag about the weather, Trudi, it's so not fair....between you and Jean in the states, makes the rest of us feel even colder, LOL :-) :-)

breaking barriers is good, isn't it!

Di said...

Brilliant!!! Sounds like you had a great day! I love Spring too.