Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AIDS the substance (part 2.b)

Writing this blog is really helping me, maybe I'm being a little too self analytical all the time but jeez I need to be as I have so many bad habits.
This morning I lunged Moo, first let me say how darned proud I am of my boy, he is finally growing up. Moo managed to walk down to the school calm and quiet in spite of Fugly running around and calling, he also lunged sensibly and listened at least 90% of the time (thank goodness for clicker training) and went back up to the yard without a hitch.
Whilst lunging I realised how much white noise I give off, extra little noises to urge him forwards or slow him down, inadvertent movements of a hand or the whip. Gawd I'm like some kid who can't be controlled, lol, so how the heck do I expect him to pick out the important bits? I tried very hard from then on to just give commands, whip up to go, rein hand up to stop, step to the shoulder to turn on the forehand etc etc I could use just body language or just voice to make him stop and go so why use both at the same time?
After a couple of days off work due to Fugly's arrival (he is much calmer now) I was so happy to be back to work, my horses keep me sane (ish).


Di said...

That's so true, I often wonder how our horses process all that unnecessary babble that we throw at them. They really are so accomodating and clever.

trudi said...

Aren't they just Di, the thing is, that when I can control myself and be still and quiet then we are so much better tuned into each other.