Monday, March 30, 2009

must be more careful...

....not to keep loosing week-ends. Where do they go? Spent most of it offline as Patrick unwittingly severed a phone cable, this meant I had to spend 20 minutes on the 'phone to SFR going through line tests etc and only to find last night that it was our fault, lol.
Saturday was quiet, Lydia off out hacking at the club but aside from that a day in the field for the boys. Yesterday I had a good lunge session with Moo (his trot is really finding a lift that I never even hoped for) and Lydia and Cacahuéte had fun learning to lunge. It's amazing how kids just pick things up so quickly, her body language skills were better than lots of adults right from the start. Very proud of her and that poney.
Yes Di, I will sort some video out, need to get to grips with what it's all about too. As usual Baucher really doesn't give a great 'how too' and Hotte says some conflicting things in his book.


Claire said...

so what was patrick doing to do that? are they charging you to mend it?

and books only take you so far.... you're right!

trudi said...

He's wasn't doing anything Claire, lol, but he had placed an old door over the entrance to the cellar (to keep out any rain until he puts on a new door)and hadn't noticed that it was leaning on the cable. No charge, he fixed it himself, if not we would probably be offline still.