Wednesday, March 25, 2009

more Moo work

Back on board this morning after a few days break (mainly due to not wanting to incite Fugly to gallop around and further damage his tendon).
Moo was a very good boy, mouthing beautifully in-hand and working calmly under saddle in spite of Fugly peering over the fence. Good trot work, balance is definitely coming and worked lots on the transitions to and from trot, slowing the rising gradually to get a relaxed jaw and neck into the walk. He tries so hard.
Finished with a canter (yay, this still excites me) and can complete a full circle on the left rein, not yet on the right but he does at least strike off correctly. It's all a bit *wall of death* stuff at the moment but I love his energy and the fact that he tries so hard to please. We had a meander down our chemin to finish and he copes so well with the steep hill now, even if he does have to *jump* the little water drainage ditch that is all of 6'' wide/deep...bless.
re:Fugly, he was re-visited by previous owner after I told my neighbour to call the vet (no of course they didn't call him). They seem to be leaving him be and he has at least calmed down (although it's too late as it is already bowed) apparently ERF can only do something if he is ridden like it and then they need video evidence; hope it doesn't come to this.


Di said...

Love the pic, have you got blue sky there today?

I haven't ridded again today, took Jim to the airport this morning and reading your account makes me want to take Anky up to the school.

Aaaaargh, stupid, ignorant people. That poor horse!!!

trudi said...

Nah, not blue yesterday Di, I took it a few days ago.
So did you? Ride Anky that is.

Anonymous said...

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