Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FEI petition

If you feel strongly about the welfare of competitive dressage horses in terms of the current fashion of fixing their mouths tightly shut with a noseband (especially the so-called *crank*) please read the following from Horses for Life and sign the petition (link below) there is no need to donate, just exit the petition at that point. This link gives extra info http://www.sustainabledressage.com/tack/bridle.php#crank

****Join us and help petition the F.E.I. that all dressage competitions should only be shown with the horse wearing a cavesson with two finger width between the horse's face and the cavesson, both in the show ring and in the warm up ring. This rule has been a standard for generations of horsemen and accepted as being the best for the horse. This rule/standard was so accepted around the world by every teacher and rider - that it was never even written down. Now we see training practices that include crank nosebands and rollkur. Training practices that are physically, emotionally and mentally detrimental to the horse. A return to this simple rule, that will be easy to teach and enforce, can make a huge difference for horses not only for those in the show ring but for all of the horses, whose riders and teachers use those horses in competition as their standard of correct training. Please sign today and share this with all equestrians that you know, and together perhaps we can make a difference***