Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had a lovely session with Moo this morning. I wanted a short time in the school to try out something with the contact in the halt; last night reading Oliveira's *Reflections* I was reminded that he used a Baucher (his pic to the right, I dig the trousers!!) exercise (pages 46/7). I don't use spurs with Moo so it was just a case of letting him feel more leg into a closed hand and not the spur but I think with some tinkering it will give good results. Certainly I had some much better transitions both from walk to halt and halt to walk/trot.
Then we went off down the field, leaping the tiny ditch like it was an Aintree fence, lol, and had a couple of canters up the chemin; he was such a good boy and seemed to love it, me too:-) Then we went up through the hamlet round to the old school and he was very well behaved, walking out well but not being daft or giggy.
Fugly has gone, picked up last night by the previous owner. I know they'll be back with something else soon but the respite is nice.


Di said...

Is this used to maintain immobility in the halt or is it used to start the transition to walk/trot?
Is he suggesting use of the leg into a fixed hand for the upward transition?

"Only when the horse has advanced one or two steps ahead can the rider's hand relax"

Heehee, I've read the chapter, Trudi, but not sure about it.

trudi said...

It's basically Baucher's effet d'ensemble Di, quite an involved topic but I'll try and give the bones of it tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake.

Di said...

Thought so! Thanks Trudi.