Thursday, February 5, 2009


So how much time does it, should it take? He's not a baby but Moo is still finding the right canter tricky on the lunge. Bucks and farts and even manages all four feet off the ground (no mean feat for his podginess) and generally just finds it hard to go straight forwards. After lots of transitions and spirals he improves, bit of clicking for the good transitions always gets him more focussed too.
I'm glad I'm writing all this up because the day I say...yay the canter is THERE I can look back and see how hard it's been, lol.
The last WB I owned was a baby but he could ride a canter circle from almost day one, in relatively good uphill balance. On the other hand my Friesian found it incredibly hard for ages but got there in the end.
So, back to *time*....the book's open, any bets as to how long? You can have evens on it taking more than a year!!!
Lovely sunny day today, feel very lucky as so many folks in the UK have had it quite rough.

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Claire said...

i dunno - as long as it takes? each horse is different ... maybe he's got some issues needing the physio?

Molly rushes canter both reins on the lunge, but considering it's only recently she's been doing that (on request) i don't care, it'll come!