Tuesday, February 3, 2009

chainsaw massacre

OK a little dramatic but next door neighbours are gardening by chainsaw and digger today. Well actually they are putting in a bit of extra parking which requires clearing a few trees.
So Moo was pretty good in the school considering. Good in hand preparation, bit spicy on the lunge but he is getting stronger and the right canter has definitely improved. Finished with twenty minutes on board, he wasn't particularly *calm* but under the circumstances I reckon he was an angel.
Note to self, ride between 12.00 and 2.00 the French being French always take two hours for lunch. Then again maybe the digging will be done by tomorrow....see, I'm ever the optimist.

Gorgeous day today, fab for picture taking, except mine being broken I can't. Think it's going to be the Canon powershot cheapy, easy to use for a camera dunce like me.

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Claire said...

good plan, that, ride at lunchtime in the winter.... but he's a good lad to put up with all that!