Thursday, February 19, 2009

If I had a hammer

Brain ache today, not because I've been thinking aids but 'cos the boys were taking down the fireplace and chimney breast with hammer drills. I HATE renovating, that is official;be nice when it's done though.
Sad news regarding my beloved Albion, tried it today and it just isn't right for Moo. Not sure what to do with it but it will perhaps be right for Midget as he is a lighter frame. It used to fit Fidge perfectly and I miss riding in it but it has to be right for the horse first, me second. I have the saddler coming out soon to check Moo's saddle (a very reasonably priced made to measure dressage) so we'll have to see.
On the other hand it was a good day for work, dismounted straight away and removed offending Albion to get on with some in-hand work. For only the second time I asked him for some trot in-hand, bless him he tried so hard and actually got a wetter mouth than I've ever seen him with. I so wish he was 6 not 12, lol.


Claire said...

hearing protection, before you all go deaf.....

a thought - shall i fetch my saddle this year?

trudi said...

Claire, sorry but I hadn't seen this due to my 'puter probs but YES please if it's at all possible.