Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little delving

Well, all still ticking along well, nowt new really and so I don't intend writing every day now that Moo is on the road. I will no doubt start again when I do more with Chapiro or when we have some breakthroughs of decent proportion with Moo.
So to stop myself loosing interest in my blog I have decided to do some delving into some of, what I feel, are the most important areas of our training. Halts, half halts, rein back, aids, cues etc etc.
I will delve back into my notes and experience and trawl the web and hopefully stir up some questions for myself. As this blog is open to ANYONE to comment then maybe I will get some good feedback too!!

So, I'm off to think about what I shall select as my first *topic*.......I'll be back.


Claire said...

oh now that will be interesting, Trudi - get us all thinking again!

I've just been catching up with Vicki's blog, and having recently said to my RI we need to sort laterals out, i need to read/see some stuff on that. a topic I never really grasped (because never really been taught it) and if I can't grasp it, I can't expect Molly to....would be easier if I personally didn't find in hand work so hard on my back/neck!

trudi said...

What a shame you won't be here 'til July, Moo is brill at lateral work and you use such small aids to achieve it all. Do know someone who has a horse confirmed in lateral work so that you could get the feel before teaching Molly?