Wednesday, February 25, 2009

getting to grips with leg yield

Bless my child, this is holiday time and she's been having a go with the video camera. Unfortunately she is a true 8 yo and has the attention span of a flea, lol.

Being useless I can't seem to edit with any ease and so I have lots of boring early stuff (before we're actually awake!!) and by the time the decent stuff happens Lydia and the camera are long gone.

Anyway no excuses, here we are last week commencing our learning of leg yield in the outdoor school. We have done a little indoors but not in as much space as we have outside.

Moo isn't flexing enough in his hocks but I think that has improved this week.

Note to self, wear dark jods to help mask fat a*se......

Back to aids tmorrow, if I have time, Paul Belasik has stirred some great thoughts....just wish I was any good at writing them down.


Claire said...

you? fat arse? don't be ridiculous. That was me, remember LOL!

Di said...

Paul Belasik, that should be interesting...
Trudi, you have NOT got a fat Arse.