Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stormy times

The madness of the world weather rather terrifies me. Devastation from fires in Australia, floods and snow in the UK and here we just have wind, oh and a little rain. We lost a tree last night and of course it had to block our chemin, route to some of our paddocks. The power cut out at about 1.00am and we spent the early hours 'regarding' the only clock we could find that wasn't mains supplied. So tonight I'm back online, knacked after tree chopping/stacking but relieved we didn't loose anything serious.
The boys went out and came in. Chapiro, full of beans, screamed round the paddock like a banshee, chasing the pone, argghh!! Managed not to get killed bringing them back in but it was well hairy with the wind up their bums.
Spent most of the day logging and stacking with Patrick but managed to find time to lunge Moo before dark. Wow did he look spectacular, tail up, neck up and strutting his stuff but I pushed him forwards (difficult when he's close to flat out, lol) and finally we got some really good trot. I noticed how much he's changed shape, no longer a puddin' but lots more muscular.
Hope it's better weather for the rest of Feb, pretty please anyone!!


Di said...

Wasn't it a horrible night! But, free wood for the burner.LOL
Its great when they're on their toes, I always want to ride them when they're like that, but then think, perhaps not!! Glad you're all ok.

Claire said...

difficult when he's already flat out ..... LOL!

that's a very scary picture you've posted.

those fires in Aus are horrendous - and they reckon a fair few were arson...

Mandeigh said...

arghhhhhh we seem to have got off light with the January gales this year...unfortunately its been replaced with the February snows........... :-(

Roll on summer