Friday, February 27, 2009


What a ....result!!

My saddle is great! Glenn re-flocked it and it feels just brilliant; like a new one. Moo was really good, standing for all the measuring and even managed to keep calm while I sat on for him to have a look. Glenn then did a thorough re-flock and we tried it again, much to Moo's distaste, by which time the thought of a levade or some piffle was at the forefront of his mind but the saddle felt super and I'm very pleased.

Too tired, again, to be illuminating with words but here's Lydia legging it out of the arena last year, just before being dumped.


English Rider said...

awesome video. I had a big problem when I was teaching trying to refrain from laughing when clients bit the dust. Guffaw!

Claire said...

poor lydia!

you did say your saddler was ace, glad that's sorted...