Monday, February 2, 2009

Music for muckers

I can't do housework without it and yard work's the same. This week Lydia and I are listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers....really gets you motivated, lol.

Ah well the weather broke, not in two but in to rain. Still mild but wet which has me wondering, not for the first time this winter, why I don't rug them. I suppose they went in the bin with the shoes, polo bandages and matching saddle pads.

Good work in-hand for Moo and I found that after the bit raising and flexions that if I progressed to the moving flexions that it helped him mouth and swallow better if I massaged into his neck with my fist, literally *finding* the tightness and helping release it. This massaging was much lower in his neck than the vids I showed before (just behind the poll). I think that somewhere on the pooter I have a copy of Thomas Ritter's article on flexions (thanks Claire) and I may need to read this again. Also did lots of front leg raises, which he now loves, to help loosen the shoulders.

Finished the day with Lydia doing her Flicker inspired bareback stuff :-)


Claire said...

thought it was the racinet i referenced? mind, I think Thomas Ritter's articles are the bees knees as well!

trudi said...

Yes but you also sent me a copy of the Ritter article on flexions, remember they were in, I think, Dressage Today??? or something similar.