Saturday, February 7, 2009

s'no joke

Oh well, it did try for at least 30 minutes but we only got a light dusting (thank heavens).
Too cold today, clear sunny skies punctuated by passing snow showers but so far nothing too heavy. Gorgeous red sunset so hoping the old *red sky at night...* still holds some water, or at least NOT snow.

I left it rather late to ride but at 5.30pm I took Moo into the barn and worked him in hand ,after flexions, and then got on board.
Different horse, very chilled and interested in his work. some really good halts from rein vibrations and worked on him *waiting* for my aid to walk on rather than waltzing off as soon as I release the rein. He was *filling* the reins much more today and shoulder-in on the left rein was much less curling back, progress.
Finished with a walk down the snow smattered track and a fabulous trot back up the steep hill, haven't felt a trot so lifted since I had my Gelderlander (he could TROT uphill for Holland!!) and no weight in the rein.....can't wait for better weather and we can venture further afield, it's all hills here and some pretty steep so .....bring on the good weather.

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Claire said...

your hills are much better done on 4 legs than 2 (she says, feelingly!)n and that'll get him fit!