Saturday, January 9, 2010

total white out

Everything cancelled today...trimmer, Lydia's riding lesson...

The boys have been stoic about going out, totally chilled and Moo even seems to LIKE the snow (scratch my head in wonder). The only downer is having to run water from the house as the taps have given in to the big freeze. That aside it was a good day and I managed to have a play in the school with Chapsi.

Sadly I had to take pics/camera vid myself; photographers are like hen's teeth when it's cold!

I took some dire vid of us free driving and working in front of him. He is, frustratingly, more agitated by me working at his shoulder when loose but I feel sure that is coming soon (ever the optimist) but he works really well from behind or in front.


Di said...

You're very dedicated and must have fantastic thermal underwear!!
Did it stop snowing there, it looks like on your vid? It's been non stop all day here, and so cold, we've been real wimps and hardly ventured outside.

Kate said...

It seems like there's snow everywhere - keep warm!

trudi said...

lol Di, no just regular undies but a great pair of ski pants (you can hear them rustling in the vids). They make me look like the Michelin man but I DON'T care!

It snowed here all day yesterday too from 6.30am when I went to do the boys until about 5.30pm when I was in the school, it's snowing in the pic but by the vids (10 mins later) it had pretty much eased off. None today thank goodness.