Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now this is getting boring

Still can't get out of the village, lovely neighbours came and offered to do a bread run on their quad but we're OK for food for at least a good few days more.
Lydia rode the Peanut and I gave my boys a groom, massage and stretch (first time for Chapsi and he was a bit fidgety).
Nice family day.


SheilaF said...

Love Lady Lydia's outfit! Boots are just the PERFECT colour. I want some!

Weather seems to be calming down a bit here. No snow for last two days, but still very cold. Forecast lots more snow tonight, but so far nothing!

Haven't been on board a horse for a month now. Goodness knows what they're going to be like when we do eventually put a saddle on them. The Equissage seems to keep them nicely relaxed and they are out in the field for approx 4 hours a day.

Summer and flies is just around the corner....

Di said...

Great pics!!
I'm so fed up of the snow now, I want SPRING and I want to ride!!!

Danni said...

Fab photos! Sorry to hear the weather is bumming you guys out, I must confess I LOVE it :D Although I hope no-one runs out of food!

Mandeigh said...

Have to say that I am glad its not just us then! Its getting a bit monotonous now

HorseOfCourse said...

They are so cute together, Trudi!

Hope the situation will get better soon, if you cannot get supplies it is difficult of course. They can't keep the roads open?

trudi said...

Thanks all, they do make a cute pair but then I'm a little biased.
All melted today, still terrible on the roads first thing but fine now. They don't have the tools for the job Maria, we rarely get snow like this (second time in the last 7 winters for us) and so for small rural communes like ours it's not worth the investment.

Flies Sheila, oh gawd don't remind me so soon!