Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Official

Well hardly official but I've decided and that's what counts; working my horses makes me a much happier person.

Mother nature got her weather act together and strung three dry days together for us, this afternoon she even managed a healthy 10° C...woohoo.

I rode Moo yesterday and today; he's still full of energy but it's been weeks since we had a work routine so I can't really blame him. I took video today but as usual I ran on too long and it's too big to upload and I can't edit for some reason (computer says nooooo). It's really helpful to have some eyes on the ground, even if they're only mine! I need to take my neck back into my collar more and need a little more control of his shoulders in the trot lateral work. That'll do to work on for now, there's loads more but petit à petit. I was really chuffed though, that my right foot is not everting much any more...got to keep up the exercises if it's working!

Yesterday I tacked up Chapsi and we went into the school. He is so chilled on the yard now; stands patiently, lifts feet for picking etc and stands beautifully for the saddle. He's a bit ticklish when the girth is tightened but that's improving. In the school we worked in-hand turning; halting, backing and he was a good lad.
Today, in an attempt to keep things changing, we went down to the square paddock and I worked him on the grass...weird he thought, all that grass and I can't just stop and eat. He was pretty chilled and we did a couple of circuits of the field, halting and moving off etc and then back up the hill to the yard.

Can you tell I've had my horse fix, LOL ??


English Rider said...

Yep! You definitely have that Buzz going on.

Mandeigh said...

10 degrees...thats practically summer..I'm so envious.


HorseOfCourse said...

Yes, can tell!
And how lucky we are to have that joy in our lives...even if it's much work.

trudi said...

I'm still buzzin'...
Yes Mandeigh from -10 to +10 in the space of a week it does feel like summer! Hope your weather perks up soon.
Yes we are lucky HofC, work but so much joy.