Thursday, January 28, 2010

above and beyond

As I mentioned yesterday, Lydia did a sterling job taking pics in the ffffreezing conditions. Here are three very short vids of some of our shoulder yield, leg yield and shoulder-in..they're not very good quality but listen to the actress as she *moans* in the background on the last one...I think I need reporting for abuse, LOL


bellecroix said...

I think Cold cold cold could be a number 1 have a little pop star :-)

Di said...

Aw bless, little love, she's a star!

Danni said...

*lol* Bless!

Nice videos. Without sounding too fluffy, you guys have a great flow. I struggle with in-hand sometimes because I impede forward momentum. And you were working bitless :D

Moo looks lovely and woolly!

HorseOfCourse said...

Lol! Give your daughter a hug, will you?

Seems as if the bosal is working fine? What do you think of it?

trudi said...

Thanks Danni, fluffy's fine.

I'm really liking the bosal HofC.