Thursday, January 7, 2010

BAD mum

Lydia didn't make school this morning as the hill was impassable. By lunchtime and with some help from a shovel it was 'proceed with caution'. So we did. Dropped mad'moiselle off at school and hit the supermarché. Lots of tooth sucking and oohing to be heard in the shops, the French (like the English) can talk weather to death.

I'm a bad Mum because there were only two kids from the class who made it in. I made up for it by giving out some mucking out duties and then we played in the school with Peanut pone. I think I'm forgiven.

Afterwards I took Chapsi down to the school and we did some free work. He was a good lad and only slightly distracted by sounds of screaming as Lydia and her two little boy friends hurtled down the hill on their sledges.


SheilaF said...

We're really struggling as well! Thank goodness for 'Chelsea tractors' as I seem to be the only one able to get to our yard. Hence all the mucking out duties. Stop short of turn-out as pathways all very dangerous. Luckily my neds are in the closest field and so no prob getting them out for a few hours. Some poor neds have had to be in for 2 days now.

Snow seems to have stopped, but temp down to -6 and below. Frozen everything! And unfortunately our dressage with music is very much 'on hold'! May try to get something going for end February.

Happiness is being warm and cosy under the duvet with 3 dogs and 3 cats for company!!

S xx PS check FB page for pic

Di said...

I was contemplating sledging this morning, but we don't have a sledge and I thought better of a plastic feed bag with cushion!! Shame! When did I get old?

English Rider said...

Memories flooding back of the delight of rare snow in Cornwall, as a young teen. My Mum saw that I had failed to get on the bus into town and hitched me a ride with a passing motorist/friend. We were few in school and I was not pleased.Damn those parental urges.
In California one time we had a flood and I drove daughter to school despite her objections. School was flooded and closed. Hmm, a pattern?
Glad your kids had fun.

bellecroix said...

Dont know about bad mum more of a BARKING MAD mum.....Trudi stop working your neddies in this weather you are making me feel quite lazy tee hee ;-)

HorseOfCourse said...

Shame on you!
But it seems as if there was some time for playing in the snow anyway ;-)

The road into the valley here used to flood in the autumn rains, to all the children's delight.
No teachers could get in.
How sad.
To my daughter's (and her friend's) disappointment the raised the road, so now happy days are over.

As there is nothing to do about it - enjoy yourselves in the snow!

Danni said...

Hope you're forgiven for not giving Lydia a snow day, sounds like you guys had a great time anyway!