Tuesday, January 26, 2010

all behind

Oh dear I'm not keeping up to date!! Ah, you thought I was talking about my butt...all behind, well I'll have you know I lost another kilo, sadly though not from my arse. Maybe trying to run two blogs was a bad idea, somehow I'm not keeping up with either. We had a busy week-end preparing the guest room and bathroom for it's chestnut flooring; we managed it, just, and now the flooring is going down. So my excuse is that I was too tired to blog.

I've worked with both boys when the weather has permitted and Di came over on Friday and we had a play with Moo, unfortunately, I probably drove her demented with my new found enthusiasm (oops).

Chapsi has had a few days without work, just grooming and tying up on the yard but today we braved the biting cold wind *brrr*. I think it's really good to give plenty of breaks with all horses but certainly with Chapsi I find he benefits well from time to allow things to sink in. I am really pleased with his attitude on the yard; he picks up his feet in anticipation of them being picked out and he can stand still most of the time to be brushed. Tonight he was excellent when I put the saddle on and stood stock still while I fastened the girth...no ticklish tummy causing him to barge into me. Very pleased with him and I'm looking forward to warmer weather so that we can do more.
Next week a new horse group in the locality is holding it's first meeting...good excuse to get together and chat with other horsey folks although it's a little scary having *real* chats rather than cyber chats, LOL.


Di said...

LOL,of course you didn't drive me demented (I'm already there!!), I'm hoping your enthusiasm is infectious!!

Danni said...

Ooh, good luck with the horse group, it sounds great! If there's one thing horsey folks are good at it's tea/coffee and chatting ;)

Claire said...

ah! new group!

that'll be good for all of you!

and yes, two blogs is a lot!

HorseOfCourse said...

A horse group, that sounds fun!
English or French?