Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indian Bosal

OK more on the pink bosal. Firstly it is an indian bosal (see this link to bitless bridles)  which is quite different to the western style bosal in action. The western bosal has no moving parts whereas the indian bosal has a crossover action with the two ropes that pass under the jaw.
The action of the indian bosal is like a sidepull,  you use either rein for direction (in theory putting slight pressure on the oposite side of the nose) and when you use both reins you get a pressure under the jaw.
I'm finding it good for Moo as I can aid the 'up' by lifting my hands and bringing the jaw up. Again, as with all the bitless work, it brings home how much we are tempted to use our hands to 'attack' a problem that should be addressed elsewhere. I of course only speak for myself.
If the temperature lifts I'll video but riding in my ski pants doesn't look so hot!
On a big plus note I only gained 1kg over christmas (gawd knows how) but I'm back on the wagon and eating for one again!


Di said...

Does it release better than the Dr Cook?
Just had a look at the link, blimey another load of options to mull over.

Danni said...

It looks a lovely bridle. I'm a little wary of bitless bridles which crossover under the chin. I'll be reading your progress and thoughts on this one with interest :)

And I am off to weigh myself tonight, I almost daren't though!

Kate said...

It is like a Western sidepull, but looks like it's made out of softer materials. It looks like it may give a more precise release than the Dr. Cook's, which I find can be a bit "muddy" in its release.

You are so right about overuse of hands - most of us (myself included) spend more time riding the head than the rest of the horse!

HorseOfCourse said...

Aha, then I understand.
Thanks for explaining!

Please keep us informed about how it is working out.
Low temperature is no excuse, I've been training in -26 today!

Got to get that extra (unwanted) Christmas gift off....