Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Backache; literally a real pain in the bum

The big thaw has arrived and with it the rain. Lydia is riding whatever the weather, maybe something to do with the pink barefoot bridle that FINALLY arrived or perhaps that she is practising for an online equitation competition.

I've been working hard on myself, trying to align hips and shoulders better and to put my body back to proper working order. None of this work is ridden, although I am feeling the benefits when riding. I was treated to Pete Egoscue's book 'The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion' at Christmas and for the last three weeks I've been working through the exercises.
Twelve years ago I had an L1/S5 discectomy and as a result I have suffered with a lack of movement in my lower back and this in turn has lead to a total dysfunction of my shoulders and hips. I have lost count of the osteo/physio visits and lately I've just kind off seized up and felt stuck but without too much pain (aside from the bloody headaches and neck aches and little add-ons that you get from dysfunction of the hips/shoulders.

Egoscue's book is easy to follow, especially as I have already used most of the exercises in Pilates. So it's nothing new in many ways but what is new is his belief that the body can heal itself if put in the correct position to do so. Thus previously disused muscles can once again function in the way they were designed to once they are reminded of their true function.
The program isn't hard but it's quite a big commitment in terms of time and it's every day! So I'm fitting mine in during the late evening when I would be watching TV or on the computer. The first I can do at the same time, the second mmm not so easy.
The book offers self diagnosis help and shows all the exercises in the program (again I think it helps that I'm familiar with most of them) with some anecdotal stories to support the program (he uses program not that a US difference?).
At around £5 from Amazon I would thoroughly recommend this little book (recommended on EE by Trish)  but ultimately it's not the book that cures you but your desire to be desire is strong and I hope the flesh is willing. For so many years now my right side has 'swung' out and caused me problems, especially when riding as it is hard to close my right side around the horse. At worst I hope to be pain free (or close to) at best I hope to be able to ride better. I'll let you know how it goes.


SheilaF said...

I admire you for have the discipline to see this through. Have to confess to a complete lack of discipline when it comes to 'at home' exercising! However, I have found a walk 'guru' who has several DVDs out and I follow her routines almost every day. They are fast and fun and I fit the walking in whenever.

Now its RAINING and all the white has turned an awful shade of brown! Forecast rain all day Saturday. Just great - now the floods and dirty, wet horses. At least with the snow, the neds stayed clean and rugs were for the most part dry.

Claire said...

just caught up on your blog after my trip; can't believe all that snow down your way!

LOVE the pink & Black bosal .. much more fetching than the full on pink all round one sees!

Danni said...

Trish recommended that book to me too, a couple of years ago. A must have for all of us I think! I probably should dig into my copy now that I'm back to riding. I hope the exercises help you too. Can sympathise with the lower back issues!

English Rider said...

Good for you. It sounds like the same kind of common sense science that works with horses.

trudi said...

Absolutely English Rider, it is exactly the common sense science that works with horses...align the hips and shoulders by loosening and straightening; now I have to apply it to myself.