Saturday, January 2, 2010

the PINK bosal

Well here it is ** drum roll** the PINK and black bosal.  I can thoroughly recommend Wendy at bitless horse who offers a good range of bitless options to buy or try.

It's been so good to be back to work with the boys. I've ridden Moo a few times and worked him in hand and lunged today. He seems not to have suffered from a few weeks off, except that he filled up with beans rather!

Chapsi has been in the school to work loose and in-hand, we've had Moo's saddle on him and he looked so grown up and was just so calm for girthing and dropping the stirrups. I've continued standing on the big bucket and he now seems to find it totally *normal* that I climb on it and  lean over. Today we took a walk up the lane and saw nothing and nobody; he was the calmest he's been and appears to be quite relaxed most of the time.
I think Chapsi is quite happy to be back to work, he's become very cuddly and stands almost angelic like, without being tied, to be groomed and tacked up. I suppose the patient work pays off in the end. He's looking fairly grown up at the moment so hopefully we'll be on board before my birthday in May...that's the rough agenda anyway but I'll see how we go the next few months.


allhorsestuff said...

Hay, that is pretty smart looking... must have specially ordered that color, as I did not see it offered!
THANK you for the link...I am not liking my "Cooks" bridle so much..and the "Corbin" style of bitless looks to be a nice step up..

Kate said...

The pink looks beautiful with grey - good choice!

Di said...

It looks snazzy! What's it feel like compared to the other bitless you've tried?

Mandeigh said...

So how does the bosal operate then?

HorseOfCourse said...

WOW. Moo got ten points!

But Trudi, I thought a bosal was to be used with kind of a knot under the chin where both reins were attached, to be used with rein neck aids?
I am not a western riding person, so maybe I have got it wrong?

Danni said...

Looks great on those gorgeous heads, and would also love to hear a bit more about the action of this bridle?

bellecroix said...

How trendy are you!! Love it.

I can see a birthday/backing party in May......I will mark it on my calender tee hee

trudi said...

Oh yes Bev a party, good idea...when I've drunk all the wine I'll climb on board, hehehe.

I'll tell about the bosal on the next entry.