Sunday, August 2, 2009


Good day with the neds, worked a little in-hand with Chapiro and he is so quick, may be too quick for an old girl like me :-)
I'm going to use a little clicker training and it's really important to start by teaching him how to be patient and wait for his treat. He is already, like lots of youngsters, a bit mouthy and this work should sort that out too. So basically we stand side by side and I cross my hands in front of me. He comes in to have a mouth around my hands, pockets etc and I ignore him. As soon as he grows bored and looks away then I click and treat. It took about three goes to get the idea but of course it will take a lot longer for it to really stick.
I really have had some great results regarding behavioural issues with CT, certainly Moo is a much nicer boy now that he stands stock still for mounting.

I rode Moo, mainly to get him warmed up for his stretching but also working him in a way that will hopefully stretch out his stiff bits. We had some really good lateral work in walk and trot but he is decidedly less able to stretch to the left; I assume because his right side is tight. Osteo tomorrow so hopefully we'll get to the root of it.
He did his exercises really well and seems rather content at the moment.


Claire said...

? yadot?

HorseOfCourse said...

I have been using treats when training Fame, my horse. It has been a very good tool in the work.
Good luck with the treatment tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hope the osteo helps!