Monday, August 3, 2009


Well we had our visit from Lise the Etiopathe and I was very impressed. Basically she confirmed what Lucinda the masseuse had said regarding him being out in the wither as the result of something in his lumbar/sacroilliac area. Could be a fall but as this would only be conjecture I'm not even going to try to think what may have happened. It is possibly an old injury as he is a weaker on his right side and isn't engaging that hind as well and is less muscled on that side too.

The ongoing treatment is rebuilding, now that she has worked on him, paying particular attention to working both sides equally but also making sure he uses his left side properly (both the hind and keeping correct bend through his rib/shoulder/neck). Lots of tootling about on the hills and even leading him out for a change as well as bending etc in the school. She was very impressed with his flexibility and said it was excellent for his age but wants him to have exercise every day if I can, little and often. I asked about the glucosamine and she thought it unecessary but then étiopathes are really holistic healers working as naturally as possible and so she advised me not only on which bits were broken but how to keep him healthy in terms of diet and exercise; for example, dried orties (stinging nettles) for keeping him in tip top form (not sure how that will go, lol).
Bizarrely she was sporting a BHS Trec T-shirt which I forgot to ask her about.
Anyway, he behaved, amused and generally enjoyed being centre of attention. He also performed his usual 'out' of rearing when it all got too much (at which Lise christened him 'the clown') and so it took quite a while for her to sort out his front end, little bugger.

Final brief word goes to Chapiro who is just such a darling at the minute (anyone having read previous posts will know that this is a new behaviour!!) I think I've stopped seeing him as the reason for Fidge going and just liking him for himself. Today we did some leaning over and just giving him the idea that one day I'll be up there, he just loves being the man of the moment.

Tomorrow!!! Pics of Moo in his new pied nu's! Too tired to bother tonight but they fit well and he had them on for an hour today.
Oh and yadot Claire......tsuj derob dna


Anonymous said...

Lumbar/sacroilliac problems certainly do affect the whole horse - it took my mare a while to recover from a problem she had there but things are much better now.

Claire said...

glad he "behaved" lol ... and that he didn't do that rear when Lucinda came!

you'll both be getting fit on those hills if you go out in hand, then!

Di said...

Glad all went well with the osteo. You'll be hacking out then?
We have lots of nettles, I may get some dried for ours.

HorseOfCourse said...

It is always assuring to get the same conclusions from two sources.
So hopefully you will notice a difference in the dressage work too, if he has been weaker on his right side. Nice!

trudi said...

Thanks guys. Technically she's not an osteo Di, only vets are able to practice as osteo's in France but I was impressed with her work.