Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New boots and panties

OK so we now have the new hoof boots and we're working them in (like a new pair of shoes I guess) and we have sussed the putting on, relatively easy and just need to build up the time spent in them.
We had a gentle lunge after some work in-hand. Honestly I can't see any great difference between left and right reins in terms of tracking up. If anything there is a slight reluctance to step under in the giravolta with the left leg but it's only slight. Rein back was good and so we finished after about 20 mins and did the stretching exercises.....little and often for now. Hopefully we'll build up to hacking in the boots over the next week; deep joy, lol.
I'm waiting for Lydia and her two little mates two nod off; it's her first sleep over and omg I'm so desperate to go to bed but at 12.30am they are still talking ponies; arrgghhh.


Claire said...

well, you did suspect it would be an even later night than normal!!! I gather the sleepover was a success (i can see the boots are, LOL). i've just got back up for some painkillers...

HorseOfCourse said...

That sounds good - looking as if he is equal on both sides I mean.
What is a giravolta?