Friday, August 7, 2009

These boots are made for walking

OK first a minor back track.
Wednesday I rode and it was bloody great. He felt good and even though it was stinking hot (please can we have one night cool enough to sleep) he worked so well. Maybe I was a little 'overwhelmed' to be back on a 100% sound horse but what the heck it was lovely. I've decided to ride then lunge/dismounted exercise in between at least until he's fully fit again. So yesterday was in-hand and then lunge and again he was a willing, contented boy (maybe the CT treats being changed to mints has something to do with that, lol).
Today we took a 25 min tootle up the tracks in-hand, would have liked to ride but wanted to be on foot to keep an eye on the new boots. He walked out brilliantly and over rocks and everything. Just like taking the dog for a walk really, Lydia in one hand, Moo in the other. Can't say I would choose this mode of working but his boots didn't rub and so it won't be long before I can do it onboard.


Di said...

That's great I'm glad the boots are suiting him. Are they really mad though?

trudi said...

oh bugger, had to do an edit, lol, too many glasses of vino Di

Claire said...

"just like taking the dog for a walk really"

but i bet the dog stayed at home, LOL!

Mandeigh said...

thats cool that the boots are working out. So did I hear right that you have got a new trimmer?

trudi said...

oh yes Mandeigh, someone that actually trims to help the horse not to put a shoe on. I'm really impressed and so is Moo. After just one trim it's quite noticeable but long term he should be good without boots but for now it's helping him build more sole.
In this outback it's heartening to find such a great resource as a barefoot trimmer like Gareth.

HorseOfCourse said...

How nice - congratulations!