Sunday, August 2, 2009

petit à petit

Lunging today and then stretching afterwards. He's definitely tighter on the right and the Ballerina stretch on the right is a definite 'ouch' for him. Good news; the osteo 'phoned and is coming on Monday; bad news I was in Super U doing my shopping when she called and I took down her email incorrectly, lol, butcher lent me a pen and I'm leaning on his counter trying to hear what she was saying. Oh well I've left a message to contact me for the directions and I guess it will be fine.

On a completely OT subject, RIP Booby Robson....sound guy!!!


Di said...

Indeed, rest in peace Booby. Sorry!!!!

Oh, I haven't heard from the osteo, I'm sulking now!! :-)

trudi said...

oh gawd, me and my fingers!! Sorry Sir Bobby!!!