Sunday, August 9, 2009

dressage vivant

Breaaathe, ah I'm feeling so much better......

A day of rain... joyous, soaking, healing rain. Boys stayed out all day and so I went and did Moo's exercises in the field...bit bemused because we have never done giravolta and leg yield in the paddock but what a revelation. He gave the best work in ages and his Spanish walk is really coming on fast (probably helped by Lucinda and Lise's manipulations).

So with my 'wise' head on I have decided to re-name myself as a dresseuse 'vivante'. I am a person that practises 'living training' or in other words a way to train that encourages the horse in his truest, living, breathing form :-)


Cabruze said...

Great Trudi! What dressage is all about - teaching a horse to use its body in a way that makes it feel good!

trudi said...

yay Jane!! Where you been? Hows Zeffy? When you coming to France?
Well I've always had a big problem tagging myself classical but it's the closest thing that fits. Now that I'm playing bitless etc I just feel I'd be unacceptable to the classicists so I'm gonna be myself :-)

HorseOfCourse said...

" I'm gonna be myself"
Cathing up on posts Trudi, as we've been busy over at Di's, lol!

I am not familiar what's been going on over at your CD list, so I cannot relate to that, but - standing on the outside:
I believe creating "overhumans" in whatever setting can be dangerous; whether it is dressage, religion or politics.

Some persons are extremely talented riders. They are seldom the best instructors as they maybe do not have to analyse as much in their struggle to get progress as the less talented rider is.
Some riders are very talented verbally, and can describe the communication with the horse and the training in settings that are close to poetry. But they might not have the best seat and posture.
Nobody is perfect.
And time often gives an extra shine to things.
As soon as somebody dies, they are suddenly free from all controversial things that happened in real life. Hm.

So do you know what, Trudi?
I think your conclusion is the best!
To find out what we can do, from our abilities and life situation, together with our horses.

If we compare ourselves with the best ones and set ourselves too high goals, we will (most of us at least) do ourselves and our horses wrong, and are bound to be disappointed.
I spoke with a good friend yesterday. She had just bought a talented young horse, and she was afraid she would not be able to train it to its potential.
But the horse won't give a sh*t about that.
He will care about being let out with other horses, every day. Getting a good roll. Napping in the sunshine, or the shade, depending on temperature.
Having a galopp on a windy day, and stop to snort, loud!
Eating grass when available.
Being a horse.
And having a kind, knowledgable and consistent owner that makes the trainings fun.
That's what the horse cares about.

And you know that is maybe what is most frustrating to me. Here we are discussing what is the correct form for a GP horse to work in, but what is not discussed are the things above - and maybe they matter most to the horse?
Many of the top horses are never let out in the free. They are just hand walked, or put in a horse walker. Too valuable you know...
Isn't that abuse, if something?

Personally I will never be one of the best.
I have neither the talent, time or means.
But I will have a ball on my journey anyway, together with my horse! Yippeee!
And I hope she will be happy and sound for many years to come...because to me, she is the best.

trudi said...

HofC, how perceptive, thank you. Like you, I don't aim to be a GP rider or international trainer lol, too much time away from home and certainly not a life I could enjoy.
Don't get me wrong, I only read the CD list, like many hundreds who do the same, I once cracked a joke and it went down like a lead baloon; I like people with a sense of humour!! Mind you I continue to read the list because there are often some articulate pieces written by Dr Ritter (who can both ride and write) and the odd interesting discussions. Sadly the internet has made us all experts :-D and as a rider/trainer you have to sift through it all.
I'm in total agreement about compo horses, sad they don't get to be horses; although of course there are some exceptions.

Di said...

HofC very eloquently put, I couldn't agree more, well said!!

HorseOfCourse said...

I will check out the CD-list, Trudi, to broaden my horizon...
And I liked your name, "dresseuse vivant".

Cabruze said...

Playing bitless Trudi? I'm just about to prototype my bitless bridle/training cavesson design. Never yet found exactly what I want so am having it made and if it's as good as I think it'll be, planning to market it!

Cabruze said...

HorseofCourse!! Just read your comment and agree 1,000,000%!!